Jaime Lyn Schatz in a Nutshell

I'm Jaime Lyn I love Haiku Deck but I'm (currently) a PC. So what do you do when you need to make a Haiku Deck and you don't have an iPad? First, ask for what you need. Then, hack what you need. I've had a variety of jobs... At Carnegie Hall, I assisted the Director of the Friends Giving Department. And hacked together a donation tracking system in Excel to give him faster reports. At the Legal Aid Society, I was a paralegal and Office Manager in the Juvenile Rights Division. And I learned that maybe pre-law wasn't the right choice in college. Each job had a great mission.
And I made them mine.
Through it all, code calls me...
I spend a lot of time on MOOCs
And when I can't find what I need online,
I hit the books.
Haiku Deck has a great mission, too. I'd love to make that mission ours.

You can find the code for this project on Github